Sleep Deprivation Makes You ***Happy!***

Science Fact:  Sleep deprivation is generally thought to be a bad thing, but it can actually make you happier!  This surprising fact has been known for years by physicians who treat Major Depressive Disorder, commonly known as clinical depression. In … Continue reading

Crocodiles and other Alluring Animals

Science Fact:  Crocodiles and Alligators – Crocodilians some would call them – have revealed one of the deep secrets that have made them so successful.  A Russian-American zoologist and author, Vladimir Dinets, and his colleagues observed both crocodiles and alligators placing … Continue reading

The Science of Women Scientists, plus Big Bang Theory

Science Fact:  Women scientists are readily found in biology, medicine and the social sciences. However, they are scarce in math, physics and engineering. You don’t have to be a feminist to be troubled by this fact. People’s skills differ, and … Continue reading