New Website & New Vacation Discount

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2015)

new website Honokeana Cove unit 114Announcing: a new website, and a new discount on Maui vacations.

New Website:

A new website presents Art and Nola’s vacation rental condo in full splendor, thanks to a great web design by Mike Bell.

Our old website was outdated, as well as superseded by a combination of the new Honokeana Cove rental website and our condo’s VRBO listing. ( now forwards to the all-new website

If a vacation in Hawaii calls you, the new website has material you won’t find elsewhere. Among the nine Feature Stories you may particularly like these:
Free (and Almost-Free) Activities on Maui;
FAQ, which includes some straight talk about condos versus hotels, and how to select a Hawaii vacation rental.

Personal Story About Maui

For many years my next-door neighbors in Malibu were Jackie and Bill Gould. I was vaguely aware that they vacationed in Maui from January 15 to February 15 every year, to escape Southern California’s harsh winters. (joke alert)

I had visited Hawaii several times, typically spending eight days equally divided between two different islands. I could not imagine spending an entire month trapped on a patch of land in the middle of the ocean. So I asked Jackie what in the world they found to do, visiting for such a long time to the same location, year after year. Jackie mumbled, “Oh, lots of things,” and we proceeded to talk about something else.

The next day, Jackie handed me a sheet of letter paper on which she had listed things to do on Maui. She had covered both sides of the page with dozens, probably over a hundred, things to do, in tiny handwriting. Apparently my question marinated in her brain and impelled her to download her entire data bank for me.

I was surprised at Jackie’s essay but now that I have visited Maui more than 20 times, I have to agree with her: Maui has an endless number of attractions for the visitor. Moreover, many of Maui’s activities are free or inexpensive – although if you’re longing to lay out the big bucks, the helicopter tours and the championship golf courses will be happy to take your Krugerrands.

Maui’s variety inspired our condo’s Activities page as well as Jon Blum’s excellent website. BTW, Jon’s website has hundreds of pages about Maui! Too Much Information, you say? No, his website is well worth visiting, because Jon has it very well organized. So if you can’t find the Maui info you need at, head to Jon’s.

New Discount on Maui Vacations

Here’s something else that’s brand new, to bring you to Hawaii:

Honokeana Cove is a unique vacation spot that should be high on your list if you’re visiting Maui and don’t want to be trapped in a concrete hotel complex. Almost all the condo units are members of the rental association, and available discounts are clearly set forth. Members can’t advertise a lower rate, although they can grant a discount to friends who ask them (just a hint to Art’s friends and followers).

The 20% Last Minute Discount is an excellent deal if you’re booking within 60 days of check-in. However, another discount has just arrived, and you (probably) heard it here first!

The Honokeana Cove Facebook page is now offering an extension of the 20% discount for rentals which commence on any date prior to December 15. This is a quiet season and most units have at least a bit of empty space if you’re in the mood for a fall vacation.

What’s distinctive about this special?
– It offers the 20% discount farther in advance than ever before;
– If gives the discount through a “Promo Code” that can be used for online booking – in other words, unlike the Last Minute Discount, it’s not necessary to phone the Rental Office to get the benefit of the 20% discount.

If the Hawaiian Islands are calling you, I suggest visiting the Honokeana Cove Facebook page, and perhaps sign up to Like or Follow that page, so you can see new discounts when they are posted.

The rental association is using the Promo Code as an experiment, hoping to reach a new group of potential guests. If this type of discount code is successful at filling vacancies, the rental office may offer additional Promo Codes in the future.

Here’s a new website to lure you to Maui; and a new vacation discount to lessen the financial pain. Maybe there’s a Hawaiian vacation in your future!

Image Credit: photo of Honokeana Cove by Art Chester

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