Journal Sting Exposes Bogus Publications

Science Fact:  Science Magazine conducted a journal sting operation and exposed many international publications as money-grabbing operations with no scientific credentials at all. Publications are critical to researchers in many ways: they determine job security and promotion at many universities; … Continue reading

Renamed Food – I’ll have the Slimehead with Power Peas, please

Science Fact:  Renamed food – the restaurant owner’s secret, coming to a school near you. How about a burger? Or would you rather have two 100% pure beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread with or without onions, stacked high on … Continue reading

Baby Einstein, Prenatal Newton — Inconceivable!

Science Fact:  Let’s teach our kids early – maybe when they’re one year old – or even prenatal learning! There’s a new study that really makes us jump up. Let’s talk about what’s new, and how it fits into what … Continue reading

Origin of Life (Space Age Version)

Science Fact: Let’s talk about the origin of life. Not the Sunday School version. Nor the Archaeology version, which is being called Abiogenesis these days. Let’s try the Space Age version. Several recent technical studies posit that life on Earth may … Continue reading

CEO Hubris as a “Sell” Signal for Investors

Science Fact:  CEO hubris may predict bumpy times ahead for your favorite company stock. Executive or CEO hubris — pride, conceit, egotism, self-importance, narcissism — is the subject of two new scientific studies, and the Financial Times has jumped on them. … Continue reading

Privacy versus Security

Science Fact:  Two recent news stories speak directly to the dilemma of Privacy versus Security.  Movies, Internet, literature, technology, even cartoons bring “privacy versus security” on center stage.  Let’s organize it and try to make some sense, at the price … Continue reading

Replacement Organs, Built to Order

Science Fact:  Replacement organs for the human body seem tantalizingly close, based on recent work. Today, artificial limbs, joints and arterial stents seem commonplace. Bionic organs, mechanical marvels that work within and with your body, are coming along rapidly: today, … Continue reading

Dumb and Dumber: Our Declining IQ

Science Fact:  We seem to be getting dumber, year by year. A recent European study compared 120 years of intelligence tests and found that the Western countries have lost 14 points of IQ since the Victorian era. The researchers suggest … Continue reading