Gaze Tracking: Yes, he IS looking at your chest

Science Fact:  Gaze tracking reveals exactly what you’re looking at, through the combined magic of video imaging and computer analysis.  And researchers have used this very accurate measurement technique to confirm the truth of one of women’s peeves: the man … Continue reading

Why do we sleep? And what is sleep, anyway?

Science Fact:  Why do we sleep? And what is sleep, anyway? In Greek mythology, Hypnos, the god of Sleep, is half-brother to Thanatos, who represents Death. And Shakespeare’s Hamlet fears death as a nightmare from which you cannot escape. Yet … Continue reading

Robot Companion – Servant, Slave or Pet?

Science Fact:  A mechanical person – a robot companion – wants to become a member of your family. Clearly, there’s a conspiracy afoot! The World Organization for Robotic Tyranny (WORT) wants to get us comfortable with a robot companion, so … Continue reading

Journal Sting Exposes Bogus Publications

Science Fact:  Science Magazine conducted a journal sting operation and exposed many international publications as money-grabbing operations with no scientific credentials at all. Publications are critical to researchers in many ways: they determine job security and promotion at many universities; … Continue reading

Baby Einstein, Prenatal Newton — Inconceivable!

Science Fact:  Let’s teach our kids early – maybe when they’re one year old – or even prenatal learning! There’s a new study that really makes us jump up. Let’s talk about what’s new, and how it fits into what … Continue reading