Your Kitchen Design is Making You Fat

Science Fact:  Your kitchen design is making you fat! OK, maybe with diligent effort we could make ourselves fat anyway.  But scientists find that kitchen design strongly affects our eating habits.  By kitchen design we mean both the physical arrangement … Continue reading

Resurrection of the Pizza & Fries, Part 2

Science Fact:  In yesterday’s post we stored a delicious leftover bit of pizza.  Today, we’re going to bring it out and eat it! Some people eat pizza cold, for breakfast or a snack, and swear by it.  But most of us … Continue reading

Resurrection of the Pizza & Fries, Part 1

Science Fact:  Pizza always ranks near the top, both in popularity and appeal.  The hot question for today and tomorrow is: can you bring leftover pizza back to life?  And there’s good news: it turns out that the same Frankenstein-like techniques … Continue reading

Dress to INform, Dress to PERform

Science Fact:  “Dress for success!” they used to say. “Clothes make the man.”  “Follow the dress code.” When you choose how to dress, whether it’s at the store buying clothes or making a selection after you shower, you’re communicating both … Continue reading

Predicting (& Creating) Happiness, in Marriage & Life

Science Fact:  Happiness is something that we all want, almost by definition.  It is even enshrined in the U.S. Declaration of Independence as something that we are not guaranteed but that we have the right to pursue. Happiness is so … Continue reading

Sleep Deprivation Makes You ***Happy!***

Science Fact:  Sleep deprivation is generally thought to be a bad thing, but it can actually make you happier!  This surprising fact has been known for years by physicians who treat Major Depressive Disorder, commonly known as clinical depression. In … Continue reading