Alzheimer Disease – Early Diagnosis & Prevention

Science Fact: Alzheimer Disease, also known as Alzheimer’s Disease, is the scariest of all diseases for many people. It’s an mystery disease that robs you of your “self” and has no known cure. Importance of Alzheimer Disease Alzheimer’s ranks behind … Continue reading

The Obesity Paradox: Heavy & Healthy

Science Fact: Obesity is a paradox, a puzzle that has the medical community tangled in argument. Here’s the dilemma. Obesity raises your likelihood of contracting many serious diseases. However, once you have those diseases, obesity improves your chance of survival. … Continue reading

Barbecue Sí, Cancer No (¡ !) – Safe Grilling

Science Fact: Barbecue doesn’t make an appearance in this great ‘60s song, but perhaps it ought to: Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Those days of soda and pretzels and beer After all, meat and veggies sizzling … Continue reading

Scientific Truth and Other Falsehoods

Science Fact: Scientific truth matters. It’s not just galaxies and atoms. It’s your doctor with the results of a cancer biopsy. It’s your tax advisor telling you not to claim that deduction. It’s your investment advisor telling you whether you … Continue reading

A Weed in the Garden of Life

Science Fact: A weed in the garden of life. So we might describe an obstacle, a pothole in our personal progress. A previous post talked about “physical activities that require concentration” as a promising way to get great ideas. The … Continue reading

Coffee, Booze & Other Health Food

Science Fact: Health food is in the news this month, and it’s not tofu and quinoa. Articles based on scientific studies give a boost to the health-giving properties of two popular beverages: coffee and alcohol. And there’s new evidence about … Continue reading

Diabetes – 2 Great Articles by “Doc Gumshoe”

Science Fact: Diabetes is a disease that everyone should understand and at least be wary of, if not fear. Excellent information abounds from the ADA (American Diabetes Association) and the National Institutes of Health. Nevertheless, it’s a complex disease and its data … Continue reading

City Crime Part 2: Size-Adjusted City Ratings

Science Fact: In Part 1 of this post we reviewed the underlying factors affecting city crime, especially violent crime. This Part 2 analyzes published crime data to derive safety ratings for U.S. cities. The FBI publishes crime data for each … Continue reading