Nerds, Empathy and Social Conscience

Science Fact:  Nerds have graduated in recent times from being a reviled social group to an exclusive club.  Nerds are certainly not “hot” (except perhaps for BBT’s Sheldon), but their role in creating iPhone apps and their earning potential have … Continue reading

Popular Culture, Media and the Scientist

Science Fact:  Popular culture surrounds us today and in many ways shapes who we are, including how we think.  Popular culture admits various definitions, but generally includes mass media as well as personal and family habits and traditions. Many years … Continue reading

The Science of Women Scientists, plus Big Bang Theory

Science Fact:  Women scientists are readily found in biology, medicine and the social sciences, but are relatively scarce in math, physics and engineering. You don’t have to be a feminist to be troubled by this fact. People’s skills differ, and … Continue reading