Maui (Last Updated On: March 1, 2023)

Come take a vacation! Why don’t we go to…oh, how about Maui?

Nola and I own an oceanfront condo in west Maui at Honokeana Cove, a private bay in the Napili area, just south of Kapalua. There’s snorkeling with tropical fish and giant sea turtles; surfing and paddle boarding; and a heated pool for lounging and watching the whales. The condo has a great on-site staff who rent it to vacationers when we the owners are not visiting.

For many vacationers, Art and Nola included, a Maui vacation is the “just right” way to visit Hawaii. Maui is not as full of concrete and traffic-ridden as Honolulu and Oahu, and it’s not primitive like Molokai and Lanai. And the Big Island (Hawaii) and Kauai have their charms, but nothing like the variety of Maui.

Here are some sources to help you think about Hawaii as a vacation destination:
– For frank talk about vacationing in Hawaii and the pros and cons of condo versus hotel, check out our condo’s FAQ page.
– If Hawaiian traditions and culture attract you, you’ll find a set of “feature stories” at our condo website
– If you’d like to see our unit, check the condo website as well as its rental listing at Escapia.

We naturally think our condo is the “greatest” one in this small (38-unit) property. Our regular guests seem to agree, since the unit is heavily booked. However, we have no hesitation about recommending the other units at Honokeana Cove for your consideration: full descriptions appear on the rental website


Maui is the most varied and visitor-friendly of all the Hawaiian islands – a great spot for your next vacation!

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