Gaze Tracking: Yes, he IS looking at your chest

Science Fact: Gaze tracking reveals exactly what you’re looking at, through the combined magic of video imaging and computer analysis. And researchers have used this very accurate measurement technique to confirm the truth of one of women’s peeves: the man you … Continue reading

Contradictory Sayings — or, Don’t Trust Anyone Over …

Science Fact:  Contradictory sayings pose a dilemma:  what folk wisdom can we trust? Call them sayings, adages, proverbs, old wives’ or husbands’ tales, fairy tales, Aesop’s Fables.  These wise words are supposed to serve as shorthand, a quick way to … Continue reading

BarBot — Your Very Own Robotic Bartender

Science Fact: If you have $1,500 to $2,700 in spare cash, you can acquire a necessity of the modern home – a robotic bartender.  This modern technical breakthrough is named Monsieur and its availability was announced last month with a … Continue reading

Why do we sleep? And what is sleep, anyway?

Science Fact: Why do we sleep? And what is sleep, anyway? In Greek mythology, Hypnos, the god of Sleep, is half-brother to Thanatos, who represents Death. And Shakespeare’s Hamlet fears death as a nightmare from which you cannot escape. Yet sleep … Continue reading

Hawaiian Sea Burial – Even for Haoles

Science Fact: Hawaiian sea burial is a heart-felt and respectful tradition not only for native Hawaiians, but sometimes for Mainland visitors as well. The condo that Nola and I own is at Honokeana Cove in West Maui. Last month while on … Continue reading

Taste Bias & the $90 Wine

Science Fact:  Consider taste bias: wine snobs are a favorite target of psychology researchers. After all, how sweet is it to show that someone who emotes about “terroir” and “cherry notes” can’t distinguish Margaux from Two Buck Chuck in a … Continue reading