Humpback Whales: Singing, Dancing and 20 Feet from Stardom

Science Fact: Humpback whales make a great companion to the Green Sea Turtles in Wednesday’s blog. Not because they are friends, or symbiotes, or even spend much time in the same part of the ocean. But because they share other … Continue reading

Green Sea Turtles, Your New Friends

Green Sea Turtles, “honu” in Hawaiian, are denizens of the deep that may seem sleepy and lazy. However, a sea turtle shows quite a personality when you watch him engage in his “sea turtle” behavior. A Maui vacation offers many chances … Continue reading

Nerds, Empathy and Social Conscience

Science Fact: Nerds have graduated in recent times from being a reviled social group to an exclusive club. Nerds are certainly not “hot” (except perhaps for BBT’s Sheldon). However, their role in creating iPhone apps and their earning potential have enhanced … Continue reading

By Toutatis! Save Us From the Asteroids!

Science Fact: Asteroids, or Asterix?  If you’ve ever read the Asterix comics, you might say “By Toutatis!” at the latest news from the Asteroid Belt.  This invented curse, invoking the name of a Celtic god, seems appropriate to invoke the … Continue reading

Superstition, Conspiracies and Control

Science Fact:  Superstition is a strong force in people’s lives today, despite the ubiquitous presence of science and technology.  For example, professional athletes are superstitious about their warm-up rituals, their clothing, their accessories, even what they say and do.  Sports … Continue reading