Scrabble Word List Update

(Last updated on: August 6, 2018)

Scrabble Word List UpdateThis Scrabble Word List Update calls your attention to a revised set of Scrabble Word Lists.

I recently presented two posts on Scrabble:
Scrabble 1: In Defense of Friendly Scrabble
Scrabble 2: 5th Edition Scrabble Word List

The “Scrabble 2” post included a Scrabble Word List in six parts making up a total of nine lists. Since the postings, thanks to readers I have corrected typos and omissions in three of the lists: Useful Words, 3 Letter Words and 2 To Make 3. Note added 5/29/2015: this post has been updated with the link to the newest word lists.

So as not to proliferate posts with attachments, the purpose of this note is to say – if you downloaded my lists before, go to the Scrabble 2015 – Nine Word Lists blog and DOWNLOAD THEM AGAIN. Or at least, download the three corrected lists mentioned above.

That will give you the complete Scrabble Word List Update as of 3/6/2015.

Happy playing, with the Scrabble Word List Update. May all your Scrabble racks be winners!

Drawing Credit: “Scrabble game in progress,” uploaded from, author “thebarrowboy,” user “McGeddon.”


Scrabble Word List Update — 3 Comments

  1. As of May 4, 2015, I have updated the word lists with the latest addition from Marty Corey (SEV). Three Letter Words is now in rev4. All lists attached to the Scrabble 2 blog are now up to date. – Art

  2. Sorry, Nick. I have a plugin that posts to Twitter but it may be that Twitter is truncating the URL so it delivers a bad address. Better to put in the browser address window and do directly to the website. If I can figure out how to tweak the plugin I will. – Art