Kirkus Best Books: Death By Arbitrage

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2020)

Kirkus Best Books, Death By ArbitrageKirkus Best Books is published each December by Kirkus Reviews, honoring the best books published that year. I’m marking this occasion by offering an e-book bargain, so read on!

The Kirkus Best Books are selected from the 8,000 to 10,000 books reviewed by Kirkus each year. Books are recognized in six categories: Fiction, Picture Book, Middle Grade, Nonfiction, Teen and Indie (independently published).

I’m happy to announce that Death By Arbitrage or Live Low Die High, the third Evan Olsson mystery-thriller, has been selected as one of the Kirkus Best Books of 2015 in the Indie category. Kirkus reviews several thousand Indie books annually and chose 100 of them as Kirkus Best Books. Among these, 54 are categorized as “fiction and literature,” including Arbitrage. It’s worth browsing the entire list, there are many fascinating-sounding reads.

To reward you my readers and to celebrate the vote of confidence in my fiction, I am reducing the price of the Death By Arbitrage e-book from now until January 20, 2016. The Kindle e-book from and the Nook e-book from Barnes and Noble are now priced at $0.99, the minimum selling price allowed by these booksellers. Please take advantage of this offer and also share it with your friends.

Kirkus Best Books provides a great excuse to celebrate the New Year and to share that celebration with you! I hope you and your friends enjoy this specially priced book.

Drawing Credit: Kirkus Best Books of 2015 Badge © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission

Back Cover Summary of Death By Arbitrage or Live Low Die High, by Art Chester and Urno Barthel:

Insider trading – white-collar crime. It’s harmless to everyone except a few investors. Or is it? Consider a hedge fund that blocks emergency calls, making profitable trades while people lie dying.

Computer scientist Evan Olsson discovers a company that’s willing to commit murder to fatten its profits. With good friends, technology and a robotic transformation, he uncovers the hidden tricks of their business. Unfortunately, Evan becomes prey as well as pursuer and finds his life in immediate danger. As he tries to dodge a murderous adversary, Evan has to deal with risk of a different kind: an imminent explosion as the two women in his life collide.

Death By Arbitrage or Live Low Die High pushes the boundaries of the mystery genre with its blend of adventure and romance in a real-world setting. The work of scientist-author Urno Barthel, it continues the story begun in Death By Probability and Death By Tech. The novels are ideal for fans of mysteries and techno-thrillers. These believable stories and convincing characters pull readers into a new and exciting world.


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  1. Cool. I’ve been reading some of Bob Forward’s books recently. I’ll put your name on my list of books for next year. Congratulations, Art.

    • Thanks, Charles. I enjoyed Bob’s books, and it impressed me that he could write them while still managing and researching full time. Mine are different, and I hope you like them.

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