The mission of the website ArtChester.net is to help people have happier, healthier lives with a little help from science and technology. The site is noncommercial, with no adwords, promoted posts or ads (except some links to Art’s books).

Everything on this website is written for a general audience, not for scientists or specialists. When I write about research, I translate the results into nontechnical language. When I write about other subjects – for example, art, or Hawaii, or “useful stuff” – I try to approach them logically and offer something interesting or practical.

I started my career as a scientist, but I had to learn people skills in my years as a manager, and I had to learn to write to fulfill my long-time dream to become an author. I hope you find these blogs not only fun to read, but helpful in everyday life.

The articles featured on this About page tell you more about me, my fiction and the people and places I write about.

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Fact and Speculation — and the Boundaries of Scientific Research

Research Fact, and Research Speculation.  The factual and relaxed scientist in the left-hand photo, secure in his knowledge of physics, wants to engage in rational discourse.  The speculative, visionary wild man on the right, wielding his measuring cylinder, wants to do … Continue reading


Personalities?  Perhaps it’s best to call them characters…  Anyway, here’s who you’ll find in the short stories and novels. Evan Olsson: Evan Olsson is a young PhD computer scientist at the Halsted Aeronautic Laboratory (HAL) in Pacific Palisades, California. Evan … Continue reading