Privacy versus Security

Science Fact:  Two recent news stories speak directly to the dilemma of Privacy versus Security.  Movies, Internet, literature, technology, even cartoons bring “privacy versus security” on center stage.  Let’s organize it and try to make some sense, at the price … Continue reading

Replacement Organs, Built to Order

Science Fact:  Replacement organs for the human body seem tantalizingly close, based on recent work. Today, artificial limbs, joints and arterial stents seem commonplace. Bionic organs, mechanical marvels that work within and with your body, are coming along rapidly: today, … Continue reading

Dumb and Dumber: Our Declining IQ

Science Fact:  We seem to be getting dumber, year by year. A recent European study compared 120 years of intelligence tests and found that the Western countries have lost 14 points of IQ since the Victorian era. The researchers suggest … Continue reading