Weight Loss Help – from Berkeley!

Weight loss: it’s on a lot of our minds today. We’re emerging from the cocoon of our quilted down parkas and earmuffs to greet the warm weather. Of course, we’ve been eating healthy food all winter. And, surprise, during the … Continue reading

Better Lemon Drop Martini with Rough Lemon

The Rough Lemon offers strong, fresh flavor to mixed drinks and island recipes. This bumpy citrus is 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter (6 to 7.5 cm) and you may find it in farmers’ markets in Hawaii. My familiarity with … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s: As I Remember Its History

Trader Joe’s is a public phenomenon with a very private personality. Here’s a story you won’t see anywhere else: data about Trader Joe’s stunning growth, my recollections of its early days, and a photo appreciation of its local presence. No, I … Continue reading

Meat Cancer Prevention: Defeat Evil Spirits!

Meat cancer prevention is at the top of our menu today. This is a follow-up to last week’s post (Bacon Cancer) which discussed the cancer hazards of eating meat. This blog focuses specifically on how we can minimize our risk, … Continue reading

Fava Stew – Recipe, Photo Essay & Memories

Fava stew is a flavorful way to enjoy the fava bean, a tasty but lesser-known inhabitant of the produce aisle. It’s a healthy food that deserves a spot in your recipe book. More commonly known as broad beans outside the … Continue reading

Alzheimer Prevention: Risk Down by 35 to 82%

Science Fact: Alzheimer prevention has been the goal of many researchers, but progress has been frustratingly slow. Two new studies report Alzheimer risk reduced by 35% to 82%, truly astounding results on the road to a cure for this disease. … Continue reading

Slow Food, Nimble Body, Long Life – Eating Slowly Controls Weight!

Science Fact: Slow food – it’s the cure for that logy holiday feeling, and for the fear of getting on the scale! Research consistently shows that eating more slowly helps you feel full with less food. That translates to a … Continue reading

Junk Food for Women, Not Men – Chow Down, Ladies!

Science Fact: Junk food has an evil reputation. No one (except perhaps its retailers) would claim that junk food is actually “healthy food.” Many folks would go farther, and castigate it as a devilish substance that will impurify all of … Continue reading

The Obesity Paradox: Heavy & Healthy

Science Fact: Obesity is a paradox, a puzzle that has the medical community tangled in argument. Here’s the dilemma. Obesity raises your likelihood of contracting many serious diseases. However, once you have those diseases, obesity improves your chance of survival. … Continue reading

Barbecue Sí, Cancer No (¡ !) – Safe Grilling

Science Fact: Barbecue doesn’t make an appearance in this great ‘60s song, but perhaps it ought to: Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Those days of soda and pretzels and beer After all, meat and veggies sizzling … Continue reading

Coffee, Booze & Other Health Food

Science Fact: Healthy food is in the news this month, and it’s not tofu and quinoa. Articles based on scientific studies give a boost to the health-giving properties of two popular beverages: coffee and alcohol. And there’s new evidence about … Continue reading

Why Diet Drinks Don’t Help You Diet

Science Fact: Diet drinks are in our diet to help us lose weight. The name is misleading, because they don’t help us diet at all. Diet drinks don’t reduce our weight, and they aren’t even very satisfying! Scientists are finding … Continue reading

Your Kitchen Design is Making You Fat

Science Fact:  Your kitchen design is making you fat! OK, maybe with diligent effort we could make ourselves fat anyway.  But scientists find that kitchen design strongly affects our eating habits.  This is true even if we conscientiously try to … Continue reading

GMO: Science, Antiscience & Kiwifruit

Science Fact: GMO, genetically modified organisms, are a hot topic for many people. Kiwifruit grows strictly with conventional farming – totally non-GMO – yet the growers take advantage of modern genetic technology. How can this be? It’s an interesting story … Continue reading

Resurrection of the Pizza & Fries, Part 2

Science Fact: In yesterday’s post we stored a delicious bit of leftovers, but we did not reheat pizza. Today, we’re going to bring out the pizza, reheat it and eat it! Pizza is healthy food, and a flexible food. Some people eat … Continue reading

Resurrection of the Pizza & Fries, Part 1

Science Fact:  Pizza always ranks near the top, both in popularity and appeal. In addition, in moderation it’s a good healthy food. The hot question for today and tomorrow is: can you bring leftover pizza back to life?  And there’s good … Continue reading