Weight Loss Help – from Berkeley!

Weight loss: it’s on a lot of our minds today. We’re emerging from the cocoon of our quilted down parkas and earmuffs to greet the warm weather. Of course, we’ve been eating healthy food all winter. And, surprise, during the … Continue reading

Slow Food, Nimble Body, Long Life – Eating Slowly Controls Weight!

Science Fact: Slow food – it’s the cure for that logy holiday feeling, and for the fear of getting on the scale! Research consistently shows that eating more slowly helps you feel full with less food. That translates to a … Continue reading

Why Diet Drinks Don’t Help You Diet

Science Fact: Diet drinks are in our diet to help us lose weight. The name is misleading, because they don’t help us diet at all. Diet drinks don’t reduce our weight, and they aren’t even very satisfying! Scientists are finding … Continue reading