Trader Joe’s: As I Remember Its History

Trader Joe’s is a public phenomenon with a very private personality. Here’s a story you won’t see anywhere else: data about Trader Joe’s stunning growth, my recollections of its early days, and a photo appreciation of its local presence. No, I … Continue reading

Fava Stew – Recipe, Photo Essay & Memories

Fava stew is a flavorful way to enjoy the fava bean, a tasty but lesser-known inhabitant of the produce aisle. It’s a healthy food that deserves a spot in your recipe book. More commonly known as broad beans outside the … Continue reading

Sensory Evaluation 1 (Wine): Measuring the Indescribable

Science Fact:  Sensory Evaluation goes beyond tasting or smelling or hearing: it implies scoring, grading, in fact, measurement. The senses are inherently personal.  For example, it’s been shown that different people taste foods and see colors quite differently.  Therefore scientists have … Continue reading