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I’m Art Chester.  As a scientist, I write about technology in our lives, both Science Fact and Science Speculation.  As Urno Barthel, I write fiction about life in the research laboratory.  Read the posts, add your reply.  Read the fiction, tell me what you think.  Submit your own posts, and connect with me.  This is your site too!

Platelets, Stem Cells and Investing in Blood

Platelets SEM_blood_cells red PS 200px

Science Fact: Platelets are as necessary to blood as blood is to human life. New research in platelets offers hope for treating cancer, inherited diseases and major surgery. And now platelets also give you a way to invest your money, … Continue reading

A Weed in the Garden of Life

weed in garden portulaca 2 crop2 200px

Science Fact: A weed in the garden of life. So we might describe an obstacle, a pothole in our personal progress. A previous post talked about “physical activities that require concentration” as a promising way to get great ideas. The … Continue reading

Coffee, Booze & Other Health Food

Health food coffee alcohol 200px

Science Fact: Health food is in the news this month, and it’s not tofu and quinoa. Articles based on scientific studies give a boost to the health-giving properties of two popular beverages: coffee and alcohol. And there’s new evidence about … Continue reading

Plants Listen to Caterpillars, and to You Too

Plants listen, Caterpillar eats leaf 2 200px

Science Fact: Plants listen! They don’t have ears or brains. And they don’t have a nervous system, although they have internal communication systems that may play that kind of a role. Nevertheless, plants listen and react to specific sounds. Let’s … Continue reading