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I’m Art Chester. I write about technology: surprises from the world of science, and their practical application in everyday life. I also write fiction about life in the research lab.

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Immortality, Doggerel & Bill Gould

Immortality - wise old man

Immortality – this Part 2 blog addresses practical ways for individuals to achieve immortality, or at least a substantial life-after-death. Options discussed include Faith, Legacy and Memory. The third of these is the occasion for a personal example in which … Continue reading

The Meaning of Life, & Geek Immortality

meaning of life - frozen head

The Meaning of Life and Immortality are Big Questions. But Big Questions can have simple answers, and one of those answers turns out to be – Doggerel! This blog tells personal stories that for me illuminate these Big Questions and … Continue reading

Brand Charisma: Offers We Can’t Refuse

brand charisma

Brand charisma is the key quality that propels one person or one product ahead of every competitor. It goes far beyond an inviting ad for a product. Brand charisma is like a perfect soufflé: it depends on every step being exactly … Continue reading