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I’m Art Chester.  As a scientist, I write about technology in our lives, both Science Fact and Science Speculation.  As Urno Barthel, I write fiction about life in the research laboratory.  Read the posts, add your reply.  Read the fiction, tell me what you think.  Submit your own posts, and connect with me.  This is your site too!

Animals Adapt: I Am The Walrus!

Animals Adapt, walrus close-up USGS 200px

Science Fact: Animals adapt – animals as different as walruses and birds change their behavior dramatically in response to changes in food supply, predators, habitat and of course climate. The Walrus Once in a while, the change is so dramatic, … Continue reading

Teaching Babies: Low-Tech Learning

Teaching Babies Playful Baby The Print Shop 2 200px

Science Fact: When it comes to teaching babies, low-tech learning can lead to high-tech results. Last week, we looked at scientific research carried out with long-term couples, specifically people over fifty. This week, the research has to do with the … Continue reading

Happy Wife Happy Life – Hidden Messages

Happy Wife Happy Life couple1 jogdragoon 200px

Science Fact: “Happy wife happy life” has scientific support thanks to some new research. Where does “Happy Wife Happy Life” come from? The origin of “happy wife happy life” is a puzzle. Blogger John Rice attempted to trace its source without much success. … Continue reading