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I’m Art Chester. As a scientist, I write about technology in our lives, both Science Fact and Science Speculation. As Urno Barthel, I write fiction about life in the research laboratory. Comments and guest posts are always welcome. Posts within the last month will display a comment form – for older posts, comment by sending me a note on the Contacts page and I will post it for you.

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GMO Humans – Science Collides with Ethics

GMO Humans

Science Fact: GMO humans – that’s people, genetically modified: the latest collision of science with ethics. If you’re uneasy about eating foods that are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), how do you feel about people designing their next child from an online … Continue reading

Cave Painting Women Confound Sexist Bloggers

cave painting women

Science Fact: Cave painting women could be found throughout Europe since the earliest days of settlement by modern humans, about 50,000 years ago (the Upper Paleolithic or Late Stone Age). In fact, cave painting women appear to have significantly outnumbered … Continue reading

Head Transplant – The Ultimate Makeover

_head transplant in box 200x200px

Science Fact: Head transplant, otherwise known as full body replacement, is the ultimate makeover. Swap out your entire body! In a single treatment, you instantly cure heart disease, abdominal cancer, back pain, constipation and ingrown toenails. All you need is … Continue reading