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I’m Art Chester.  As a scientist, I write about technology in our lives, both Science Fact and Science Speculation.  As Urno Barthel, I write fiction about life in the research laboratory.  Read the posts, add your reply.  Read the fiction, tell me what you think.  Submit your own posts, and connect with me.  This is your site too!

Health Warnings That Promote Disease

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Science Fact: Health warnings are all around us. For example: – Medicine: Every TV ad for a drug or medical procedure has health warnings with a frightening list of side effects, frequently including death. – Tobacco: Every cigarette package and … Continue reading

Death By Tech – Evan Olsson Mystery #2

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Science Fact: Death By Tech, the second Evan Olsson mystery novel, has just gone to the publisher, Outskirts Press. I hope to have it in paperback and e-book before the end of 2014, and I hope you’ll read and enjoy … Continue reading

Stem Cell Creation of Muscles & Organs

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Science Fact: Stem cell research is in the news again and the news is all good. The latest: stem cell technology can create an entire functioning organ; and can rebuild tissue in…(blare of trumpets, please!)…a human being. We have already … Continue reading

Alzheimer Disease – Early Diagnosis & Prevention

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Science Fact: Alzheimer Disease, also known as Alzheimer’s Disease, is the scariest of all diseases for many people. It’s an mystery disease that robs you of your “self” and has no known cure. Importance of Alzheimer Disease Alzheimer’s ranks behind … Continue reading