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I’m Art Chester.  As a scientist, I write about technology in our lives, both Science Fact and Science Speculation.  As Urno Barthel, I write fiction about life in the research laboratory.  Read the posts, add your reply.  Read the fiction, tell me what you think.  Submit your own posts, and connect with me.  This is your site too!

Slow Food, Nimble Body, Long Life

Cornucopia Clip Art Borders | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Image

Science Fact: Slow food – it’s the cure for that logy holiday feeling, and for the fear of getting on the scale! Research consistently shows that eating more slowly helps you feel full with less food. That translates to a … Continue reading

“Tells” in the Poker Game of Life

Tells nicubunu_Card_backs_cards_blue 200px

Science Fact: “Tells” are the unconscious tics that give away your deepest secrets – not just in a game of poker, but in everyday life. Do you think you can keep a secret? Not from a careful observer! And: Can … Continue reading