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I’m Art Chester. I write about technology: the facts from the science labs, and their practical application in everyday life. I also write fiction about life in the research laboratory.

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A Journey thru the Kingdom of Lint

Lint - Ductsmart brush system

Lint is everywhere in the modern home. Here is my recent journey through the natural home of lint, the clothes dryer in our basement and its associated ducts, a place that might be called the Kingdom of Lint. Along the … Continue reading

Smart Birds Make Vitamins, Sculpt Tools

Smart birds - greater vasa parrot

Smart birds are continuing to surprise both bird-watchers and animal psychologists. The smartest birds are thought to be as intelligent as the smartest of animals, including dolphins, whales, great apes and probably some people as well. And they don’t have … Continue reading

Snoring Cures – Menu of Options & Strategy

snoring cures

Snoring Cures! Do you sound like a freight train at night? Snoring cures are the topic of this blog, following last week’s installment on Snoring Science. Be sure to read that blog for the danger signals that should cause you … Continue reading