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I’m Art Chester.  As a scientist, I write about technology in our lives, both Science Fact and Science Speculation.  As Urno Barthel, I write fiction about life in the research laboratory.  Read the posts, add your reply.  Read the fiction, tell me what you think.  Submit your own posts, and connect with me.  This is your site too!

Alzheimer Disease – Early Diagnosis & Prevention

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Science Fact: Alzheimer Disease, also known as Alzheimer’s Disease, is the scariest of all diseases for many people. It’s an mystery disease that robs you of your “self” and has no known cure. Importance of Alzheimer Disease Alzheimer’s ranks behind … Continue reading

Despotism: Why We Tolerate It

Despotism liftarn_Crown_of_Saint_Edward 200px

Science Fact: Despotism is one of the world’s most significant inventions. Like other earth-shaking innovations such as the wheel, written language and religion, despotism was independently invented in many lands during the same general period of time. First, however, let’s … Continue reading

The Obesity Paradox: Heavy & Healthy

Obesity tom Bathroom scale 200px

Science Fact: Obesity is a paradox, a puzzle that has the medical community tangled in argument. Here’s the dilemma. Obesity raises your likelihood of contracting many serious diseases. However, once you have those diseases, obesity improves your chance of survival. … Continue reading

Barbecue Sí, Cancer No (¡ !) – Safe Grilling

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Science Fact: Barbecue doesn’t make an appearance in this great ‘60s song, but perhaps it ought to: Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Those days of soda and pretzels and beer After all, meat and veggies sizzling … Continue reading