Treasure Hunt Technology

A Guest Post by Thomas Quarry… Treasure hunt technology takes one of humanity’s oldest dreams – sudden wealth – and pursues it with modern science and technology. Are you tempted by the get-something-for-nothing bug? Then let this guest post by … Continue reading

Scrabble Sleuths Discover MORE Scrabble Words

There are still a few more to find! New Scrabble words show how the English language is changing as we use it. Last August I wrote a blog about these changes. I shared with you the quest of Chris Ulicky to … Continue reading

Self-Driving Fatalities – Warning Signs!

Self-driving fatalities are a warning sign of problems with autonomous vehicles. The fatalities are the saddest, most tragic evidence. However, there are many non-fatal accidents that could have turned fatal as well. We have previously discussed barriers to autonomous vehicle … Continue reading

Shrimp Scampi Recipe – Eat Your Garlic!

Shrimp scampi is an irresistible main course that’s easy to prepare. And since we just discussed the health benefits of garlic and other allium veggies, this recipe is timely as well as tasty. Recipe: Shrimp Scampi with Linguini (Print recipe) … Continue reading

Garlic Benefits in Folklore & Modern Medicine

Good News for Cancer Prevention! Garlic and its cousins occupy a unique position, straddling the worlds of superstition, medicine and the culinary arts. In modern cookery, the most familiar Alliums, that is, the garlic family, are onions, garlic, scallions, shallots, … Continue reading

Early Dementia Tests May Not Tell the Truth

Beware of Under- and Over-Diagnosis!             The Value of Early Dementia Testing Early dementia tests can reveal whether a loved one suffers from Alzheimer Disease or another progressive form of dementia. Some people might say: I really don’t want to … Continue reading

Downsize Now – You Have Too Much “Stuff”…

Do Yourself (and Your Heirs) a Favor! Downsize now? For most people we know, the correct answer is yes. Some folks have only a little bit of “too much stuff”: outgrown children’s clothing; two-generations-old Apple electronics; the water skis you … Continue reading

Structured Decision Making – No Frets, No Regrets

Mediating Assessments for Wise Choices There’s a new structured decision making tool, and it’s not only for business. It may strengthen us for some rare, difficult choices that we each have to make. Choices and decisions: the average U.S. adult … Continue reading

The Spy in Your Car – He’s Always There

What Does He See? Who Does He Tell? There’s a spy in your car. You already knew that Facebook knows far too much about you. And you already knew that retail stores track your every move. In addition, hackers have stolen … Continue reading

Radical New Approaches to Long Life

Science Thinks Out of the Box to Extend Lifespan… Long life is a perennial yet elusive goal. Ancient writings, including the Bible, abound with stories of people living far beyond today’s lifespans. Longevity was considered an award for virtue, or … Continue reading

Hip Fracture 3: Recovery Worries, Insurance and Life Planning

Recovery worries highlight this third part of a multi-blog article: Hip Fracture for Art: The Fall in Paradise Hip Fracture 2: An Inside View of Skilled Nursing And Hip Fracture 3: Recovery Worries, Insurance and Life Planning (this blog) Previous … Continue reading

Hip Fracture 2: An Inside View of Skilled Nursing

A Patient’s View of a Highly Rated SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility)… This blog about skilled nursing is the second part of a multi-blog article: Hip Fracture for Art: The Fall in Paradise Hip Fracture 2: An Inside View of Skilled … Continue reading

Hip Fracture for Art: The Fall in Paradise

Marooned in Honolulu for Eight Weeks… A hip fracture was this year’s uninvited surprise during my winter vacation. Yes, tries to deliver something new that’s useful or interesting, and also based in science. Today’s blog is not so much … Continue reading