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I’m Art Chester. I write about technology: surprises from the world of science, and their practical application in everyday life. I also write fiction about life in the research lab.

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Bitcoin, Music to My Ears…

Bitcoin music pouring out of a saxophone

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain as the Future of the Music Industry – Guest Post by Tony Coombes Bitcoin music transactions are already with us. They may change the $17 billion music industry in ways that affect consumers as well as artists, … Continue reading

Self-Driving Infographic – All About Self-Driving Cars

self-driving infographic featured image

Today’s Status of Autonomous Vehicles… Today’s blog presents a self-driving infographic that compresses a lot of information in a small space. Our previous blogs have touched on many issues involving autonomous vehicles. Four are gloomy, and one is predictive: Risks … Continue reading

Senior Life Planning 3 – Best Retirement Community

senior life planning - Best Retirement Community

Select Your Long Term Home Before You Need It! The Best Retirement Community is the third of a three-part series on senior life planning: Best Retirement Location Best Retirement Advice & Support and Best Retirement Community (this blog) Your Best … Continue reading