Give a Great Talk when it Counts – Short Version

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2018)

great talk

Sometimes you need to give a great talk, a presentation that’s really important to you. This may happen to you rarely or all the time. And it may be easy or excruciatingly difficult.

Checklist for a Great Talk

I have a step-by-step checklist that may be a help, regardless of the kind of talk you need to give.

If you’re an old hand at speaking, this checklist may help you break through writer’s block. And if you’re inexperienced, it will give you a detailed prescription to prepare a talk. Moreover, you’ll need it less and less the next time, and the next.

Click here for: Presentation Checklist 2013.

For a more detailed discussion, see the long version of this blog, HERE.


Give a Great Talk when it Counts – Short Version — 2 Comments

  1. Art,

    At the Kinecta Federal Credit Union annual meeting last week, I ran into both Jacquie Stafsudd and Mary Yasui-Yamabe who mentioned you had written a few books and that you had this website.

    I am anxious to read the “Inside the Ivory Tower” to see if I can recognize any of the “characters” you have described therein.

    I hope you and your family are doing well and prospering. Of all the leaders for whom I have worked, you are at the top. You let us manage our areas successfully, yet also encouraged and challenged us to be innovative – yes, even in the Human Resources and general administrative areas. I still have pictures from the Malibu fire of 1992 in my office.

    After returning to Southern California after the company I left HRL for was sold (we did quite well, thank you, due to stock options that instantly became vested with the new owners), we moved to Huntington Beach and have lived there since 1998.

    I now work for a Japanese video game company (Square Enix, Inc.) and work in the old Space & Communications building on the corner of Imperial and Sepulveda. Small world.

    Aloha for now, and the very best to you and yours.


    • Hi Jim, It’s great to hear from you! And especially nice to hear how well things have worked out for you, even as you come full circle to a Hughes-type location. In fact, I have a photo from that same Malibu fire in our home in Michigan, the orange of the sky reflected in the wet sand on the beach. An orange that you will read about if you look at my first published mystery, Death By Probability. Your words are very kind, and I hope you recognize the personalities of my characters! Though I hope the characters themselves are sufficiently mixed up and fictionalized so as not to invite defamation lawsuits. Knowing the lore of the research lab as you do, I would bet you’d recognize some of the situations. Aloha indeed, and many good wishes to you and yours! – Art