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I’m Art Chester. I write about technology: surprises from the world of science, and their practical application in everyday life. I also write fiction about life in the research lab.

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SleepScore App Review

(Sleep #3 of 3) Test Driving an Option to Improve Sleep… SleepScore app is the focus of today’s blog. The previous two blogs described sleeping sensing devices and apps, then how healthy sleep relates to risk of dementia. This, the third … Continue reading

Sleep Apps & Dementia

(Sleep #2 of 3) How Sleep Affects Brain Health… Sleep apps are the easy way to gain insight into our sleep, and improve its health. The previous blog described many ways to track our sleep. This app discusses the function … Continue reading

Sleep Sensing Devices & Apps

(Sleep #1 of 3) For Present and Future Health… Sleep sensing devices and apps are being heavily marketed. The target audience appears to be people who are dissatisfied with their sleep, plus people who want to improve their present and … Continue reading

Maui After Its Fires

Maui after its fires is shaking, staggered by its pain and its loss. It will never be quite the same. Yet the people of Maui have determination to recover and rebuild. And part of that rebuilding is welcoming the travelers … Continue reading