COVID-19 National Immunity

COVID-19 National Immunity

Our New Normal… COVID-19 national immunity is beginning to emerge, which will lead the US to a new post-COVID normal. The “lessons learned” in the previous blog provide the necessary ingredients. The path we take will not totally satisfy anyone. However, … Continue reading

COVID-19 Lessons Learned

COVID-19 lessons learned

What’s Lost, What’s Gained… COVID-19 lessons learned are changing our lives and our relationships. Yes, we don’t know all the lessons yet. But let’s snap a panorama of the landscape whizzing by and see what we can begin to discern. … Continue reading

Life After COVID: Signposts to Normal

Life after COVID is becoming clearly visible. That is, after humankind, like Thor, defeats the World Serpent of coronavirus, hopefully without suffering Thor’s subsequent fate. As promised in previous blogs, the media abound with good news about the coronavirus. Therefore, … Continue reading