Death By Tech is Published!

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Death By Tech by Urno Barthel / Art ChesterDeath By Tech is published!

Outskirts Press set a new record (in my experience), achieving print publication in under 10 weeks for #2 in my Evan Olsson series of mystery novels.

The sidebar on this page shows a cover image which when clicked shows icons for the three publisher listings for this book: on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at Outskirts Press.

It takes time to load the systems. Here’s the status so far:
Amazon is selling the print edition, but has no cover image
Barnes and Noble is selling the print edition, but has no book summary
Outskirts Press is selling the print edition and a PDF version.

As soon as the booksellers can catch up, Amazon will offer an e-book version for Kindle, and Barnes and Noble will offer an e-book for Nook. If you would like the e-book, watch the Amazon and BN pages to see when they have it loaded.

So far, I have not signed up for an iBook version on Apple iTunes, since there were very few sales of that edition for Death By Probability. However, if my dear readers plead, then there will be an iBook as well.

Oh, did I mention what this book is about? In the first book Evan Olsson stayed close to his computer science roots. In this book, Evan experiences a violent invasion of his peaceful lab, and gets dragged into a high power laser crime. As Evan searches for a solution, he encounters the Venice art community, LA’s Chinatown and the cult of urban exploration. New features include a visible avatar for Evan’s A.I. buddy Al and some serious hiccups in Evan’s love life. You can read the book cover summary here, but that’s the gist. I hope you really enjoy it!

You’ll see that Death By Tech credits both Urno Barthel and Art Chester as authors. This may seem odd to you, but it’s perfectly logical (to me at least). Urno Barthel (an anagram of my first two names) is a very searchable pen name – the only hits you’ll turn up are mine. Art Chester has, or at least had, credentials in laser research, and is a name recognizable to many folks, so he ought to get credit on this book. As always, having a pen name as primary author emphasizes that my books depict a fictional lab, not a lab that Art Chester might have been associated with.

I apologize for the absence of science posts in the last few weeks. I had two major distractions: finalizing the publication details of Death By Tech; and programming a vacation rental website for our Maui condo owners association, of which I am currently the president. If Hawaii calls you for a vacation, I encourage you to visit, and perhaps even consider renting the Chester one-bedroom unit, if you can plan far enough ahead to find a vacancy.

I’ll post a note on this website once I am sure that both e-books and print versions of Death By Tech are available. However, I wanted to let you know now, in case the coming holidays inspire you to give copies to your technology-loving friends! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge…)

I hope you enjoy Death By Tech! And I hope you’ll post a review at to share your impressions with other readers.

Drawing Credit: Book cover image © 2014 Art Chester

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