Political Loyalty: How Party Affiliation Shapes Morality

Political Loyalty is today’s topic. It’s the third-in-line conclusion to the preceding blogs on Political Apathy and Political Morality. Our previous blog treated Moral Foundations Theory (MFT), which focuses on personal values. This one takes an opposite view: looking at … Continue reading

Political Morality: The Ethics of the Other Party

Political Morality is the topic of today’s blog. It follows the previous blog about Political Apathy and will lead to another article about Political Loyalty. So this forms the second of a set of three. Sectarianism is usually used to … Continue reading

COVID-19 Forecast & Data Models

The Past, Present & Future of Coronavirus… COVID-19 forecasts try to predict the future. Accurate predictions would help hospitals and emergency rooms plan staffing and order supplies. Even better would be a model that could guide public policy, telling officials … Continue reading

COVID-19 Workplace Safety – Avoiding Infection

Make your job as healthy as your home… Welcome to a blog about COVID-19 workplace safety. Why should you read this? I’m not a physician, but I am a scientist. I read the news and I read the research reports … Continue reading

COVID-19 Z-Pak – A Surprising Coronavirus Treatment

Azithromycin (Zithromax®) Being Tested Against Coronavirus… COVID-19 Z-Pak may be in your future! It hasn’t yet been proven – but if it turns out to be important, you might have heard it here first. The Desperate Scramble to Fight Coronavirus … Continue reading

COVID-19 Aerosols – Airborne Infection

Indoor Air is Dangerous! COVID-19 aerosols have been largely ignored in public health guidelines. This blog gives you an early alert to a rapidly-developing story: the great risk of indoor airborne infection, due to COVID-19 aerosols. Here are the major … Continue reading

COVID-19 Safety: How The Virus Spreads…

Control Risk By Understanding… COVID-19 safety is a serious concern for the immediate future. However, all around us, states and businesses are beginning to open their doors. How do we escape our prisons without taking premature risk? This three-part blog … Continue reading

Self-Driving Fatalities – Warning Signs!

Self-driving fatalities are a warning sign of problems with autonomous vehicles. The fatalities are the saddest, most tragic evidence. However, there are many non-fatal accidents that could have turned fatal as well. We have previously discussed barriers to autonomous vehicle … Continue reading

Garlic Benefits in Folklore & Modern Medicine

Good News for Cancer Prevention! Garlic and its cousins occupy a unique position, straddling the worlds of superstition, medicine and the culinary arts. In modern cookery, the most familiar Alliums, that is, the garlic family, are onions, garlic, scallions, shallots, … Continue reading

Early Dementia Tests May Not Tell the Truth

Beware of Under- and Over-Diagnosis!             The Value of Early Dementia Testing Early dementia tests can reveal whether a loved one suffers from Alzheimer Disease or another progressive form of dementia. Some people might say: I really don’t want to … Continue reading