Death By Tech Free Copy!

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2018)

Death By Tech free copyI am giving away copies of Death By Tech free in a PDF version. This is the second Evan Olsson mystery, authored by Urno Barthel and Art Chester.

If you’d like this free copy, just send me an e-mail (to or use the Contact form on this website. This offer is good for the entire month of September 2015.

The PDF copy can be read on your computer, because your computer already has Adobe Reader. It can also be read on smartphones and tablets (such as iPhone, iPad and Android) and on e-readers (such as Kindle and Nook). It’s not as flexible as the full Kindle or Nook edition that you can purchase for $2.99, because the text is fixed on the pages. However, the price is certainly right!

You might ask: why is Death By Tech free, right now, and why this particular book?

New book coming! Within two months I will announce publication of the third Evan Olsson book, completing (for now) a trilogy. Giving away the second book now is intended to introduce readers to the series and increase interest in reading the next installment.
Death By Tech does not have as many reviews on Amazon, so I’m hoping that some recipients of this free book will contribute reviews for it. Perhaps, even favorable reviews!
– A Death By Tech free book is certainly a good thing, so please take advantage of this offer. Note that the PDF is not as flexible a format as the full $2.99 Kindle or Nook edition, so those of you who previously purchased the e-book already have a better reading version.

Death By Tech free for you – please take advantage of this great offer right away, by sending your request to

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