Scrabble 2018 – Ten New Word Lists

This post on Scrabble 2018 presents 10 word lists based on the newly published 6th Edition of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Scrabble 2018 – Background My earlier article Scrabble 1 described the benefits of Friendly Scrabble rather than Tournament … Continue reading

Santa Fe Art to Drive You Crazy (Photos)

Santa Fe art will drive you crazy. You’ll go mad if you try to see it all. You will go bonkers if you try to avoid the art, which is everywhere. Also, you’ll be insanely desperate to own dozens, no … Continue reading

Brand Charisma: Offers We Can’t Refuse

Brand charisma is the key quality that propels one person or one product ahead of every competitor. And it goes far beyond an inviting ad for a product. Brand charisma is like a perfect soufflé: it depends on every step being … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s: As I Remember Its History

Trader Joe’s is a public phenomenon with a very private personality. Here’s a story you won’t see anywhere else: data about Trader Joe’s stunning growth, my recollections of its early days, and a photo appreciation of its local presence. No, I … Continue reading

A Journey thru the Kingdom of Lint

Lint is everywhere in the modern home. Here is my recent journey through the natural home of lint. That home is the clothes dryer in our basement and its associated ducts, a place you might call the Kingdom of Lint. … Continue reading

Giraffe Sounds: The Big Guy Speaks Up

Last month a research article about giraffe sounds caught my attention, and you may have seen reports of it as well. It reveals something never before known about one of nature’s most beloved wild animals. Science Fact. Two cognitive biologists from the University of … Continue reading

Scrabble 2: 5th Edition Scrabble Word List

See the later post Scrabble 2018 for the latest Scrabble word lists, based on the 6thEdition 2018 Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. This 2015 blog post is retained for its explanations, its comments, and as an archive. Scrabble Word Lists, this week’s … Continue reading

Scrabble 1: In Defense of Friendly Scrabble

Scrabble is not one game, but a family of games. Like wine tasting, fantasy football and curio collecting, it can be pursued casually or obsessively. And once you give yourself permission to make it “yours” the possibilities mushroom. Scrabble is … Continue reading

Champagne 1: Champagne’s Ancient Origins

Science Fact: Champagne and its bubbly cousins make a festive way to great the New Year. Today’s post discusses the ancient origins of Champagne, back in the Stone Age, no less. Tomorrow we’ll enjoy a comparative tasting of brut rosé, that … Continue reading

Reindeer Facts and Fiction

Reindeer are the #1 popular animal of the holiday season. This time of year, they even edge out pandas, puppies, baby elephants and pocket pets. Here are eight things you might not have known about Rudolph and his real-world cousins. … Continue reading

Sunblock for Chicks – Walking On Eggshells

Science Fact: Sunlight is necessary for human health and for almost every living thing on the planet. Sunblock also turns out to be a universal need. In particular, recent research shows that “chicks need sunblock,” as explained below. The Goldlocks … Continue reading

Unusual Jobs, Science Division

(Non) Science Fact: Unusual jobs are a media standby for slow-news days. And journalists vie to outdo each other in finding odd jobs that will grab the reader’s attention. However, sometimes unusual jobs appear in the course of a regular news … Continue reading

The Senses: Sixth, Seventh and Secret

Science Fact:  The five senses bring the world into our awareness.  But who decided there were five senses, anyway? Five Senses.  In Western culture many things we think we “know” often come from ancient Greece.  Sure enough, Aristotle, who has … Continue reading

Humpback Whales: Singing, Dancing and 20 Feet from Stardom

Science Fact: Humpback whales make a great companion to the Green Sea Turtles in Wednesday’s blog. Not because they are friends, or symbiotes, or even spend much time in the same part of the ocean. But because they share other … Continue reading

Green Sea Turtles, Your New Friends

Green Sea Turtles, “honu” in Hawaiian, are denizens of the deep that may seem sleepy and lazy. However, a sea turtle shows quite a personality when you watch him engage in his “sea turtle” behavior. A Maui vacation offers many chances … Continue reading