Death By Tech: e-Book plus Holiday Sale

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2022)

_Holiday Sale Death By Tech COVER 200pxThe Holiday Sale brings good news for readers of Death By Tech and Death By Probability!

Both of the Evan Olsson mysteries are now available in both print and e-book versions, with a special 2 for 1 holiday sale that’s good through the month of December.

Death By Tech Now in E-Book:
Death By Tech (Evan Olsson #2) is now a Kindle e-book and a Nook e-book, plus a PDF from Outskirts Press.
Death By Probability (Evan Olsson #1) continues to be available as an e-book for Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook and as PDF from Outskirts Press.

Holiday Sale: Buy a Gift, Receive a Gift: For the month of December, there’s a holiday sale: You can purchase a print version of either book from Amazon for a friend or for yourself, and receive a Kindle e-book version for free! This 2 for 1 holiday sale applies both to Death By Tech and Death By Probability. This special is part of the Kindle MatchBook program. After December 31 the price of the matching Kindle edition will go up.

Did You Know? You don’t need a Kindle or Nook device to enjoy e-books. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can get a free Kindle Reading App or Nook Reading App that fits almost any operating system.

The Personal Touch: Some readers want to own a book signed by the author, perhaps with a personal inscription. If you’re one of those folks, e-mail me your desires ( and I will mail you an author’s copy of either or both books. I will charge you the retail Amazon price plus the Amazon shipping and handling cost ($3.99) and send it to you at any US address by Media Mail, inscribed as you request.

The booksellers haven’t tried to meet this need but I was impressed to see that one author of Westerns, James D Best, has broken the code. He has published a series of four Westerns, with a fifth one about to come out. He signed up as an Amazon Seller under the business name J D Best. The only products for sale in his Amazon Store are signed copies of his books. He offers them at the full retail price plus $3.99 charge. So he’s using the Amazon seller system to provide a certified, reliable way for his fans to purchase a signed copy. It’s a great idea, and perhaps I’ll copy it at some future date when I have a larger number of books in print!

Take advantage of this holiday sale to give a book to someone you love … preferably Death By Tech or Death By Probability, of course!



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  1. Hi Twila! It was great to meet you too! I chose a pen name that would be easily searchable – a Google search on Urno Barthel turns up nothing except my books, so that makes it a good choice. Using a pen name reminds my readers that this is fiction, and they should not expect this to be a tell-all memoir of my 30+ years managing research organizations in Southern California. Urno Barthel is an anagram of my given names (Arthur Noble). And it’s a legitimate name: Urno is a Finnish or Hungarian first name, and Barthel is a German family name. Thanks for asking!

  2. Hi Art: so good to get acquainted at “The Cove. Was wondering how you came up with the name for Urno?? It sounds a bit Finnish??