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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

Annual Report 2015Annual Report 2015: A good way to start the year 2016 is by reviewing how this website fared last year. As I did last year, I’ll share my self-assessment with you, my readers. uses the popular web platform WordPress, and the Jetpack portion of WordPress delivered me their Annual Report 2015 a few days ago. I have made the report public and you’re welcome to view it at However, you will find this blog more informative because I have pulled in additional charts from the WordPress data base.

Annual Report 2015

I was pleased to see that the total number of page views and visitors almost doubled from 2014 to 2015 as shown here:

annual report 2015

Annual Report 2015 reveals that visitors came from 136 different countries (up from 119 in 2014). The most-represented countries are listed here:

annual report 2015

Not surprisingly, the English-speaking countries top the list. Some of the visits from more exotic countries not listed here may be spammers who have hacked some poor soul’s internet account; spam comments (which were blocked by my filters) numbered 89 in 2014 and 268 in 2015.

Once again, I am delighted to acknowledge and thank those of you who have most often posted comments on this website:
– Charles South
– Joe Behrens
– Nick Greaves
– George Rhodes
Many thanks to you folks, and to everyone who reads or comments on articles here. If you find a blog post interesting, please share it with your friends.

I’m always interested to see which posts and pages attract the most views, apart from the Home Page. Annual Report 2015 shows that Hawaiian Sea Burial, Scrabble and Cruise Ship Communications were the most popular posts; the first and third of these were also the top attractors in 2014. Here’s the rank list for 2015 (the orange mark flags a post that was first published in 2015):

annual report 2015

How do visitors find this website? Of 18,244 views, the biggest referral source was search engines. They provided 65% of views, as shown here:

annual report 2015

I was surprised to see that social media contributed only 1% of views.

The total views from “referrers” was 12,259, consisting of those shown above plus an additional 100 less frequent contributors. I conclude that the remaining 5,985 views, 33% of the total, came from you, my regular readers, going directly to rather than through a search engine or another website.

I encourage you to submit your own articles as guest posts on this site, and to link to this site from your own pages. Communication is one of the most positive forces in today’s turbulent world.

Here’s a warm wish that the year 2016 will be one of your best ever!

Drawing Credit: Annual Report cover, Jetpack by WordPress; additional charts from WordPress Stats


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  1. Art:

    I continue to enjoy your writings. They are informative and always well researched. All the best to you and Nola for a fantastic 2016.