Charity 1 – Charity Overhead

Charity overhead costs generate outrage, apologies, finger-pointing and, rarely, commendation. Charity Overhead is the first of a two-part post about charities – part two covers Charity Ratings. Intellectually, everyone knows that it costs money to run organization. Charity overhead is … Continue reading

Cave Painting Women Confound Sexist Bloggers

Science Fact: Cave painting women could be found throughout Europe since the earliest days of settlement by modern humans, about 50,000 years ago (the Upper Paleolithic or Late Stone Age). In fact, cave painting women appear to have significantly outnumbered … Continue reading

Alzheimer Prevention: Risk Down by 35 to 82%

Science Fact: Alzheimer prevention has been the goal of many researchers, but progress has been frustratingly slow. Two new studies report Alzheimer risk reduced by 35% to 82%, truly astounding results on the road to a cure for this disease. … Continue reading

Bubble Science: My Champagne Fizzes More Than Yours

Science Fact Bubble science is not a field as such, but a shorthand way to say, I will discuss the bubbles in sparkling wines from a science perspective. This will not be a PhD course in second fermentation, riddling and … Continue reading

Death By Tech is Published!

Death By Tech is published! Outskirts Press set a new record (in my experience), achieving print publication in under 10 weeks for #2 in my Evan Olsson series of mystery novels. The sidebar on this page shows a cover image … Continue reading

Brain Games Sit Down on the Job

Science Fact: Brain games – those computer-based programs of mental exercises – make many promises. Why do brain games have such universal appeal? Because they may apply to every stage of life: – Aging adults fear Alzheimers and other forms … Continue reading

Junk Food for Women, Not Men – Chow Down, Ladies!

Science Fact: Junk food has an evil reputation. No one (except perhaps its retailers) would claim that junk food is actually “healthy food.” Many folks would go farther, and castigate it as a devilish substance that will impurify all of … Continue reading

Animals Adapt: I Am The Walrus!

Science Fact: Animals adapt – animals as different as walruses and birds change their behavior dramatically in response to changes in food supply, predators, habitat and of course climate. The Walrus Once in a while, the change is so dramatic, … Continue reading

Teaching Babies: Low-Tech Learning

Science Fact: When it comes to teaching babies, low-tech learning can lead to high-tech results. Last week, we looked at scientific research carried out with long-term couples, specifically people over fifty. This week, the research has to do with the … Continue reading

Happy Wife Happy Life – Hidden Messages

Science Fact: “Happy wife happy life” has scientific support thanks to some new research. Where does “Happy Wife Happy Life” come from? The origin of “happy wife happy life” is a puzzle. Blogger John Rice attempted to trace its source without much success. … Continue reading

Health Warnings That Promote Disease

Science Fact: Health warnings are all around us. For example: – Medicine: Every TV ad for a drug or medical procedure has health warnings with a frightening list of side effects, frequently including death. – Tobacco: Every cigarette package and … Continue reading

Death By Tech – Evan Olsson Mystery #2

Science Fact: Death By Tech, the second Evan Olsson mystery novel, has just gone to the publisher, Outskirts Press. I hope to have it in paperback and e-book before the end of 2014, and I hope you’ll read and enjoy … Continue reading

Stem Cell Creation of Muscles & Organs

Science Fact: Stem cell research is in the news again and the news is all good. The latest: stem cell technology can create an entire functioning organ; and can rebuild tissue in…(blare of trumpets, please!)…a human being. We have already … Continue reading

Despotism: Why We Tolerate It

Science Fact: Despotism is one of the world’s most significant inventions. Like other earth-shaking innovations such as the wheel, written language and religion, despotism was independently invented in many lands during the same general period of time. First, however, let’s … Continue reading

Platelets, Stem Cells and Investing in Blood

Science Fact: Platelets are as necessary to blood as blood is to human life. New research in platelets offers hope for treating cancer, inherited diseases and major surgery. And now platelets also give you a way to invest your money, … Continue reading

Plants Listen to Caterpillars, and to You Too

Science Fact: Plants listen! They don’t have ears or brains. And they don’t have a nervous system, although they have internal communication systems that may play that kind of a role. Nevertheless, plants listen and react to specific sounds. Let’s … Continue reading