Scrabble 2015 – Nine Word Lists

(Last updated on: August 5, 2018)

Scrabble 2015

Scrabble 2015 Word Lists are the subject of today’s blog. These nine lists are the latest version of the words that keep revealing themselves in the Fifth Edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

I thank the interested readers who have sent me comments, corrections, and lists of favorite words. I’ve had a number of discussions with Marty Corey, who discovered a number of omissions from my original list of three letter words (such as CAF, SEV and EEW). I congratulated her on her sharp eyes, but she modestly explained that she did not do a systematic search. She just finds words now and then while playing a continuous set of four Super Scrabble games with her neighbor!

Marty’s words got me to thinking. It’s true that I never visualized her (or anyone else) going through OSPD with my word list in hand. But in fact, I felt embarrassed that so many additional words kept turning up. Obviously, the approach I had taken based on the SOWPODS list (as explained in the blog Scrabble 2) was fundamentally flawed.

I decided that, rather than risk losing my obsessive-compulsive scientist license, I would undertake to find the words myself. Not all of the interesting words, of course, but at least all the three-letter words.

When I thought about it, searching 743 pages of OSPD for all three letter words did not seem impossible, so that is what I did. And sure enough, I found an additional eleven words missing from my list: DEP, DUM, GRR, NUG, OIK, OMA, OPA, PAK, SIG, VOG and YAS. These additions require changes to the two-to-make-three “hangs” list as well.

Errare humanum est. OK, even this may not be a perfect extraction from OSPD. But there are enough additions here to justify issuing a new set of lists for your use.

The files below are attached as PDF documents because they are easier to display on most browsers. If you would like any of them as Microsoft Office documents so you can format them to your liking, just send me an e-mail, or a note through the Contact page. The date in parentheses is the date of my most recent revision of each list.

Scrabble 2015 Word List 1 – Useful Words

This is the List of Useful Words (1/23/15) from the Fifth Edition OSPD: letter values; 62 Q words not followed by U; and 136 words with no AEIOU vowels.

Scrabble 2015 Word Lists 2 through 5 – J, Q, X, Z Words

Extracted and sorted from OSPD: all the two- to six-letter words containing J, Q, X or Z: J Words, Q Words, X Words and Z Words. All four of these lists are dated 1/9/2015.

Scrabble 2015 Word List 6 – 3 Letter Words

All the Three Letter Words (5/26/2015), manually extracted from OSPD.

Scrabble 2015 Word List 7 – 2 Letters to Make 3 Letters

Two to Make Three (UPDATED: 10/30/2015 version), all the single letters that can be added before or after a two-letter word to create a valid three-letter word. This list is supposed to be 100% consistent with List 6.

To understand this list, consider an example: the entry “b AA hls” means that you can add a “b” to the front of AA to create BAA; and that you can add an “h,” “l,” or “s” to the end of AA to create AAH, AAL or AAS.

Scrabble 2015 Word List 8 – Double Difficult Letters

Double Difficult Letters (1/9/2015) lists words up to and including five letters that include two “difficult” letters: CC, HH, II, KK, UU, VV, WW or YY. Also included: all the 7- and 8-letter words ending in –UOUS.

Scrabble 2015 Word List 9 – Many Vowels

Last comes the list of Words with Many Vowels (1/1/2015). For the purpose of this list, a “vowel” means A, E, I, O or U. This list has all the two- and three-letter words that are 100% vowels, and all the longer words that are more than 66% vowels.

May your Scrabble 2015 games be more fun than ever before! And please keep those corrections coming to

Image Credit: PowerPoint simulation of Super Scrabble by Art Chester


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  1. Hello Scrabble players,

    I should have mentioned in explaining the lists above: the “Two to Make Three” list also contains all the two letter words, shown in boldface – including XU, the only one that cannot be added to so as to make a three letter word. Thus that list not only covers the “hangs” but also serves as a two letter word list. Sorry not to be more clear!