By Toutatis! Save Us From the Asteroids!

Science Fact: Asteroids, or Asterix?  If you’ve ever read the Asterix comics, you might say “By Toutatis!” at the latest news from the Asteroid Belt.  This invented curse, invoking the name of a Celtic god, seems appropriate to invoke the … Continue reading

Time Travel & the Twitterverse – Tweet Me Yesterday, Won’t You?

Science Fact:  Time travel is a popular theme in fiction and more recently, in physics. Time travel has provided variations and complicated plot resolution in many stories.  Leaving aside hard-core science fiction and the Dr Who TV series, in which time … Continue reading

Popular Culture, Media and the Scientist

Science Fact: Popular culture surrounds us today and in many ways shapes who we are, including how we think. It admits various definitions, but generally popular culture includes mass media as well as personal and family habits and traditions. Popular … Continue reading

Origin of Life (Space Age Version)

Science Fact: Let’s talk about the origin of life. Not the Sunday School version. Nor the Archaeology version, which is being called Abiogenesis these days. Let’s try the Space Age version. Several recent technical studies posit that life on Earth may … Continue reading

CEO Hubris as a “Sell” Signal for Investors

Science Fact:  CEO hubris may predict bumpy times ahead for your favorite company stock. Executive or CEO hubris – pride, conceit, egotism, self-importance, narcissism – is the subject of two new scientific studies, and the Financial Times has jumped on them. … Continue reading

Internet of Things, Internet of Everything

Science Fact: Internet of Things, Internet of Everything. It’s hard to miss those image ads from Cisco and the breathless hype from many sides: from technologists; from self-styled futurists; from investment advisors looking for the next big stock killing; from professional societies … Continue reading