Platelets, Stem Cells and Investing in Blood

Science Fact: Platelets are as necessary to blood as blood is to human life. New research in platelets offers hope for treating cancer, inherited diseases and major surgery. And now platelets also give you a way to invest your money, … Continue reading

Stem Cells #2: Innovation from Political Restrictions

Science Fact: Researchers studying stem cells have created life-saving miracles, all while working within society’s legal and ethical limits. Tuesday’s Part 1 related the discovery of stem cells and recognition of their life-saving potential. Today’s Part 2 tells how political … Continue reading

Stem Cells #1: Discovery and Promise

Science Fact: Stem cells have many stories to tell. Depending on the teller, you may hear: – a tale of politics interfering with life-saving medical research; – of babies saved because scientists were not allowed to use fetal tissue; – … Continue reading