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Today’s Status of Autonomous Vehicles…

self-driving infographic

Today’s blog presents a self-driving infographic that compresses a lot of information in a small space.

Our previous blogs have touched on many issues involving autonomous vehicles. Four are gloomy, and one is predictive:

Reader Derek Eastwood sent me a self-driving infographic which I’m happy to share with you today, along with my comments. Because the original graphic is very long, I divided it into three pages to make it easier to read.

Self-Driving Infographic 1: How Self-Driving Cars Work

This first self-driving infographic describes the hopes that 1700 companies are chasing: to save 50 minutes a day for each commuter, and to free up lots of parking space.

In addition, it summarizes the five levels often used to score the maturity of self-driving vehicles. Most cars you can buy today are no higher than level 2. Tesla seems to claim level 3 autonomy. However, as we have pointed out, there have been at least two fatal crashes in Teslas that were apparently caused by insufficient driver attention.

And thus far, only research projects are attempting level 4. Therefore, perhaps you should not be in a hurry to invest!

self-driving infographic 1

Self-Driving Infographic 2: Consumer Opinions and Fears

The second self-driving infographic presents thought-provoking data.

In the Consumer Opinion section, 13% of people say they would never use a self-driving car. In contrast however, aversion is twice as high in highly developed economies (UK and USA) as in lesser-developed countries. So do our news-saturated citizens know more, or simply worry more?

The question of safety reveals a huge perception gap. Most US drivers feel unsafe that self-driving cars are even on the road. And a huge majority is afraid of riding in an autonomous vehicle. On the other hand, experts think self-driving is a great way to reduce total driving accidents and fatalities!

self-driving infographic 2

Self-Driving Infographic 3: Applications & Disadvantages

The third and last self-driving infographic presents additional opposing opinions.

The Applications offer two more advantages: to facilitate transportation for those who cannot safely drive, and the possibility of lower insurance premiums. However, these are outnumbered by the Disadvantages: traffic, cybercrime, and job loss. Finally, the artist has provided references for the data in the self-driving infographic, which I’m happy to see.

self-driving infographic 3

I thank Derek Eastwood and his company Hussey-Fraser Solicitors of Dublin, Ireland for this fine infographic. It’s noteworthy that this firm of attorneys litigates personal injury cases. (Perhaps they track this technology area because they expect self-driving vehicles to generate product liability lawsuits?)

I hope you my readers have found this three-part self-driving infographic to be a useful summary of today’s autonomous vehicle status. And I wish you safe and attentive driving!

Image Credits: Adapted from self-driving infographic.


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    • I understand that it won’t be in your garage, Joe. But I’m sorry to say, you may find one next to you! Perhaps an Amazon delivery robot creeping along. Or a long haul truck on the highway. I don’t know any way we can avoid that unless our city has a local ban on them.

  1. Thanks Art! A useful discussion. As you may imagine I am skeptical about wide acceptance in any finite time. Among other issues there is too much existing infrastructure which would need to change. As a required test for an autonomous vehicle I would suggest a route beginning in Jersey City, proceeding thru the Holland Tunnel, and arriving safely in Brooklyn!!
    Great articles.