Santa Fe Art to Drive You Crazy (Photos)

Santa Fe art will drive you crazy. You’ll go mad if you try to see it all. You will go bonkers if you try to avoid the art, which is everywhere. Also, you’ll be insanely desperate to own dozens, no … Continue reading

Brand Charisma: Offers We Can’t Refuse

Brand charisma is the key quality that propels one person or one product ahead of every competitor. It goes far beyond an inviting ad for a product. Brand charisma is like a perfect soufflé: it depends on every step being exactly … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s: As I Remember Its History

Trader Joe’s is a public phenomenon with a very private personality. Here’s a story you won’t see anywhere else: data about Trader Joe’s stunning growth, my recollections of its early days, and a photo appreciation of its local presence. No, I … Continue reading

A Journey thru the Kingdom of Lint

Lint is everywhere in the modern home. Here is my recent journey through the natural home of lint, the clothes dryer in our basement and its associated ducts, a place that might be called the Kingdom of Lint. Along the … Continue reading

Giraffe Sounds: The Big Guy Speaks Up

Last month a research article about giraffe sounds caught my attention, and you may have seen reports of it as well. It reveals something never before known about one of nature’s most beloved wild animals. Science Fact. Two cognitive biologists from the University of … Continue reading

Scrabble 2: 5th Edition Scrabble Word List

Scrabble Word Lists, this week’s topic, are a natural follow-on to last week’s blog, Scrabble 1: In Defense of Friendly Scrabble. You will find a Scrabble word list to be a welcome adjunct to a casual social word game. As … Continue reading

Scrabble 1: In Defense of Friendly Scrabble

Scrabble is not one game, but a family of games. Like wine tasting, fantasy football and curio collecting, it can be pursued casually or obsessively. And once you give yourself permission to make it “yours” the possibilities mushroom. Scrabble is … Continue reading