Champagne 1: Champagne’s Ancient Origins

Science Fact: Champagne and its bubbly cousins make a festive way to great the New Year. Today’s post discusses the ancient origins of Champagne, back in the Stone Age, no less. Tomorrow we’ll enjoy a comparative tasting of brut rosé, that … Continue reading

Sunblock for Chicks – Walking On Eggshells

Science Fact: Sunlight is necessary for human health and for almost every living thing on the planet. Sunblock also turns out to be a universal need. In particular, recent research shows that “chicks need sunblock,” as explained below. The Goldlocks … Continue reading

Unusual Jobs, Science Division

(Non) Science Fact: Unusual jobs are a media standby for slow-news days. And journalists vie to outdo each other in finding odd jobs that will grab the reader’s attention. However, sometimes unusual jobs appear in the course of a regular news … Continue reading

Humpback Whales: Singing, Dancing and 20 Feet from Stardom

Science Fact: Humpback whales make a great companion to the Green Sea Turtles in Wednesday’s blog. Not because they are friends, or symbiotes, or even spend much time in the same part of the ocean. But because they share other … Continue reading

Green Sea Turtles, Your New Friends

Green Sea Turtles, “honu” in Hawaiian, are denizens of the deep that may seem sleepy and lazy. However, a sea turtle shows quite a personality when you watch him engage in his “sea turtle” behavior. A Maui vacation offers many chances … Continue reading

Toys in Space: Sqwish Ball Goes to Titan

Science Fact:  The toy known as the Sqwish Ball may be taking a long long trip – to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Science fiction traditionally describes interplanetary and even intergalactic travel as commonplace.  However back here on earth, … Continue reading

Renamed Food – I’ll have the Slimehead with Power Peas, please

Science Fact: Renamed food – the restaurant owner’s secret, coming to a school near you. How about a burger? Or would you rather have two 100% pure beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread with or without onions, stacked high on … Continue reading