Sensory Evaluation 2 (Concert Hall): Measuring the Indescribable

Science Fact:  Sensory Evaluation gives a scientifically sound way to measure almost indescribable sensations.  Today the subject is what you hear in a concert hall with “acoustic,” that is, unamplified music, such as a singer with an acoustic guitar, a … Continue reading

Sensory Evaluation 1 (Wine): Measuring the Indescribable

Science Fact:  Sensory Evaluation goes beyond tasting or smelling or hearing: it implies scoring, grading, in fact, measurement. The senses are inherently personal.  For example, it’s been shown that different people taste foods and see colors quite differently.  Therefore scientists have … Continue reading

Toys in Space: Sqwish Ball Goes to Titan

Science Fact:  The toy known as the Sqwish Ball may be taking a long long trip – to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Science fiction traditionally describes interplanetary and even intergalactic travel as commonplace.  However back here on earth, … Continue reading

Time Travel & the Twitterverse – Tweet Me Yesterday, Won’t You?

Science Fact:  Time travel is a popular theme in fiction and more recently, in physics. Time travel has provided variations and complicated plot resolution in many stories.  Leaving aside hard-core science fiction and the Dr Who TV series, in which time … Continue reading

Popular Culture, Media and the Scientist

Science Fact: Popular culture surrounds us today and in many ways shapes who we are, including how we think. It admits various definitions, but generally popular culture includes mass media as well as personal and family habits and traditions. Popular … Continue reading

Predicting (& Creating) Happiness, in Marriage & Life

Science Fact: Happiness is something that we all want, almost by definition. The U.S. Declaration of Independence even enshrines it as something without guarantees, but that we have the right to pursue. Happiness is so subjective and so personal that … Continue reading

Artificial Cartilage – An End to Osteoarthritis?

Science Fact:  Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, is also the leading cause of disability in the United States, followed closely by back or spine problems.  More than one in five U.S. adults suffer from disability, a number that … Continue reading