Snorkel Versus Scuba, plus Lookies & Subs

Snorkel versus scuba captures the tradeoffs of two great recreational sports. These are great activities to pursue during a Maui vacation, or anywhere in Hawaii or the Caribbean. This blog addresses the pros and cons of snorkel versus scuba. We’ll … Continue reading

Slack Key Guitar – Hawaii’s Secret Music

Slack key guitar is the secret music of Hawaii. It grew up on the ranches of the Big Island. Then it spread to the other Hawaiian islands as a private tradition for family and close friends. Hawaiians did not share … Continue reading

Avoid Traffic Tickets: Old Tricks, New Magic

It’s easy to avoid traffic tickets. It’s more difficult to avoid traffic tickets while also getting where you’re going efficiently and quickly. The tips below – some old, some new – can help you avoid traffic tickets in a variety … Continue reading

Laser Bug Zapper, Plus Low-Tech Repellants

Science Fact: A laser bug zapper sounds like the perfect accessory for your new barbecue. Yes, that one, the one that’s as big as your neighbor’s car. Imagine a perfect outdoor summer party, suffering no more disturbance than the zit-zit-zit of … Continue reading

California Champagne: A Day in Sonoma Wine Country

California champagne country is today’s topic, specifically the Sonoma Valley, one of the principal wine-producing areas. And yes, I call it champagne on purpose, for reasons discussed before. The previous two blogs covered Bubble Science and Champagne Tasting Rooms. Differently stated, … Continue reading

Champagne Tasting Rooms: Marketing Informs Ambiance

Science Fact Tasting rooms were a pleasant part of the leisure portion of my recent trip to California’s Sonoma Valley. I had the middle part of a day to devote to pursuit of the grape, so I resolved to spend … Continue reading

Bubble Science: My Champagne Fizzes More Than Yours

Science Fact Bubble science is not a field as such, but a shorthand way to say, I will discuss the bubbles in sparkling wines from a science perspective. This will not be a PhD course in second fermentation, riddling and … Continue reading

Slow Food, Nimble Body, Long Life – Eating Slowly Controls Weight!

Science Fact: Slow food – it’s the cure for that logy holiday feeling, and for the fear of getting on the scale! Research consistently shows that eating more slowly helps you feel full with less food. That translates to a … Continue reading

“Tells” in the Poker Game of Life

Science Fact: “ Tells ” are the unconscious tics that give away your deepest secrets – not just in a game of poker, but in everyday life. Do you think you can keep a secret? Not from a careful observer! … Continue reading

Alzheimer Disease – Early Diagnosis & Prevention

Science Fact: Alzheimer Disease, also known as Alzheimer’s Disease, is the scariest of all diseases for many people. It’s an mystery disease that robs you of your “self” and has no known cure. Importance of Alzheimer Disease Alzheimer’s ranks behind … Continue reading

The Obesity Paradox: Heavy & Healthy

Science Fact: Obesity is a paradox, a puzzle that has the medical community tangled in argument. Here’s the dilemma. Obesity raises your likelihood of contracting many serious diseases. However, once you have those diseases, obesity improves your chance of survival. … Continue reading

Barbecue Sí, Cancer No (¡ !) – Safe Grilling

Science Fact: Barbecue doesn’t make an appearance in this great ‘60s song, but perhaps it ought to: Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Those days of soda and pretzels and beer After all, meat and veggies sizzling … Continue reading

Scientific Truth and Other Falsehoods

Science Fact: Scientific truth matters. It’s not just galaxies and atoms. It’s your doctor with the results of a cancer biopsy. It’s your tax advisor telling you not to claim that deduction. It’s your investment advisor telling you whether you … Continue reading

A Weed in the Garden of Life

Science Fact: A weed in the garden of life. So we might describe an obstacle, a pothole in our personal progress. A previous post talked about “physical activities that require concentration” as a promising way to get great ideas. The … Continue reading