Wine Headache – the Mechanics and the Cures

Wine Headache – Guest Post by Ann of People have been enjoying wine for centuries. Wine enhances the taste of meats, produces a warm fuzzy feeling and lavishes the senses. However, less enjoyable are the “migraine” like headaches that may follow the … Continue reading

Hemingway Champagne & A New Year Toast

Hemingway Champagne is a cocktail that toasts you right back. It says, “Happy New Year! And by the way, you’re witty, sophisticated and good-looking!” This blog traces the history of Hemingway Champagne, an especially pleasant way to enjoy wine. Also, … Continue reading

California Champagne: A Day in Sonoma Wine Country

California champagne country is today’s topic, specifically the Sonoma Valley, one of the principal wine-producing areas. And yes, I call it champagne on purpose, for reasons discussed before. The previous two blogs covered Bubble Science and Champagne Tasting Rooms. Differently stated, … Continue reading

Champagne Tasting Rooms: Marketing Informs Ambiance

Science Fact Tasting rooms were a pleasant part of the leisure portion of my recent trip to California’s Sonoma Valley. I had the middle part of a day to devote to pursuit of the grape, so I resolved to spend … Continue reading

Bubble Science: My Champagne Fizzes More Than Yours

Science Fact Bubble science is not a field as such, but a shorthand way to say, I will discuss the bubbles in sparkling wines from a science perspective. This will not be a PhD course in second fermentation, riddling and … Continue reading

Champagne 1: Champagne’s Ancient Origins

Science Fact: Champagne and its bubbly cousins make a festive way to great the New Year. Today’s post discusses the ancient origins of Champagne, back in the Stone Age, no less. Tomorrow we’ll enjoy a comparative tasting of brut rosé, that … Continue reading

Sensory Evaluation 1 (Wine): Measuring the Indescribable

Science Fact:  Sensory Evaluation goes beyond tasting or smelling or hearing: it implies scoring, grading, in fact, measurement. The senses are inherently personal.  For example, it’s been shown that different people taste foods and see colors quite differently.  Therefore scientists have … Continue reading

Taste Bias & the $90 Wine

Science Fact:  Consider taste bias: wine snobs are a favorite target of psychology researchers. After all, how sweet is it to show that someone who emotes about “terroir” and “cherry notes” can’t distinguish Margaux from Two Buck Chuck in a … Continue reading